Amputee personals dating

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It's not the acceptable thing to say but I'm being honest here.Close as I got was dating a pretty blonde hippy chick who got her leg run over by a dump truck..was scar tissue from top to bottom.I kind of put that aside and concentrated on the pretty face...leg sure did not look like a leg- Oh- there was this girl I knew who broke her leg and had it in traction.. Parcourez les nouveaux membres ci-dessous afin de trouver votre compatibilité idéale.

Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!My lifestyle is ACTIVE so a requirement for "dating" is that she must be active and energetic like I am and enjoy - hiking, tennis, running on the beach, yoga, etc. One of the guys I was with was a 21 year old who had beat cancer 5 times from the time he was 16.If she is unable to particpate actively in these things then I wouldnt date her but we could be friends. He's an above the knee amputee - and hit high climbs faster than even some of the professional guides!He found out he has to beat cancer for a 6th time on his 22nd birthday, so he's not quite so active, but he told me he will still rock climb once a week until he can't.I'd like to say yes, the acceptable, politically correct thing to say, but to be honest It'd be at least a big drawback. I guess there are prosthetics, but legs are one of my favourite body parts on a woman so I don't know if I'd find her without them.

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