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Buy “A Beautiful Woman” on i Tunes, or get the album (on colored vinyl) from Anticon.

thrives off the wild energy flowing within each jangled guitar riff and jaw-dropping hocket from Deradoorian, Amber Coffman and Haley Dekle, except for midway through when everything stops for “Two Doves.” In the most stripped down song on the album, there’s nothing but a plucking acoustic guitar, a sporadic string section, and Deradoorian’s smooth and elegant voice at the forefront.

That’s a very Avey Tare/Animal Collective-ish move, but the dark and sparse nature of the album makes it in no way a facsimile.

‘Dark Lord’ has a similar disjointed nature to a Dirty Projectors track, but the pace is slowed to where you’re able to live in each off-kilter pattern happening. And though an outlier in many ways, the slick pop atmosphere of “Beautiful Woman” doesn’t take away from the rest of the album in any way.

The band could be described as a monstrous and nightmarish jazz power trio inspired by campy horror movie themes…" Available To Order (Estimated Shipping between 1-3 Working Days) This item is to the best of our knowledge available to us from the supplier and should ship to you within the time-frame indicated.

If there are any unforeseen issues with availability we will notify you immediately "‘Enter The Slasher House’ is the debut album from Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks, comprised of Avey Tare (of Animal Collective), Angel Deradoorian (of Dirty Projectors, Deradoorian), and drummer Jeremy Hyman (of Ponytail, Dan Deacon), Avery Tare’s Slasher Flicks unites Avey Tare’s songwriting abilities with Deradoorian’s melody lines and Hyman’s flexible rhythms.

Angel Deradoorian has been a member of the bands Dirty Projectors and Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks, and has contributed to albums by Vampire Weekend, Flying Lotus, and Brandon Flowers.

But because the music is quite psychedelic, we ended up filming in colour in the end, and because the colour looked so good in the funhouse scene, we blended some of it in. Sometimes that gets taken into a world of like, the last Animal Collective record, which we wanted to sound really alien, foreign to people. I think it’s cool to take people away from their daily thoughts, their daily lives.So we started talking about the puppet being this representation of the cat, and Abby got back in touch with the Creature Shop to design it. It’s such a good way for an artist or an actor to promote their work. It was really grassroots – he would do a lot of the voices, he was so hands on. I would get really into a record, and the listening experience would present a new environment to escape into.I wanted it to look sort of black and white – a sort of art nouveau pattern, not that exactly, but that sort of thing. A lot of the time, I didn’t really think about the lyrics.“It’s crazy when you start working with your heroes,” the uncharacteristically gushy Animal Collective co-founder says.“I worked with Arto Lindsay very briefy when I was much younger, but becoming an actual collaborator with someone like Mickey isn’t something that’s happened to me often in the music world.”In 2009, Portner, who performs as Avey Tare, offcially entered the Dead’s orbit when Animal Collective became the first outside musicians to receive a license to sample a Grateful Dead song, “Unbroken Chain,” on their tune “What Would I Want?

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