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Remember what I said about crossing boundaries earlier? Imagine a world where how good looking you are depends on how sharp your chin is.

And we’re not talking model-good-looks sharp chin, but something more like dagger sharp.

The characters first appeared on the site in 1999 with five short games and movies: being added by various Newgrounders.

Over the years, Pico became the Series Mascot of Newgrounds alongside other famous characters such as Alien Hominid, The Clock Crew, and the Tankmen, and even gained an Evil Counterpart Spin-Off series in the form of Piconjo (an extremly pale Pico with a BFS and a dong the size of a tree, resulting in 99% of his apparitions culminating in a penis joke or something related), described by Newgrounds itself as the Wario to Pico's Mario.

Will you choose the snooty bird with foreign airs and graces, the school bad boybird and charmer, the pudding-obsessed weirdo, or your best friend?It seems game developers took it quite literally when they said ‘love knows no boundaries’, and so while some of these dating sims are on the weird but interesting spectrum, there are some that are just borderline creepy. You’re the only human in a world of birds (very fun), and you must navigate through schoolgirl quandaries in the prestigious St.Pigeo Nation’s Institute, a school for talented birds.I spent 17 hours on this game in total, so that pretty qualifies me as an expert., you play Hisao Nakai, a boy with a heart muscle problem who transfers to a school for people with disabilities.

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