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The event was first introduced in 2008 and takes the form of a series of opinion polls, split into four divisions (North, South, East and West) each consisting of 16 developers.

In each round, developers are eliminated down to two, who then compete in the grand final.

Gameumentary was founded in January 2017 by Nick Calandra and acquired by Escapist March Mayhem: Developer's Showdown (commonly referred to as March Mayhem or simply MM) is an annual event hosted by The Escapist to determine the most popular video game developer in the industry.

In the show, Yahtzee plays an animated caricature of himself who doesn't stop speaking for any punctuation, hence the name of the series. The Big Picture is a general media discussion series hosted by Bob "Movie Bob" Chipman and is the first show to be revived since the website was acquired by Enthusiast Gaming.

Escape to the Movies is a film review series hosted by Chipman.

Although the weekly topic and publish schedule was retained, new regular content additions included more game reviews, editorial articles, conference coverage, and a relaunch of Shoot Club by Tom Chick.

The most notable addition to the content lineup was Zero Punctuation, a weekly animated review series that led to a four-fold increase in web traffic.

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