Biblical view of validating feelings

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There are those who claim Benny Hinn must be of God because people are getting healed at his crusades.

Now I want you to take notice of something, the evidence that is almost always cited for the validity of Hinn's ministry is that there are individuals claiming they were divinely healed at his crusades.

And they take the local Churches monies which should be going to their own community for their ministry.Many who have a relief of pain go up and testify they are healed because the pain is gone. Many doctors can testify about different atmospheres and it making it conducive for relaxation. That's why it is called stress relaxation techniques.Certainly no Christian would claim that God healed them by this method!Jesus never said I'm sending you the miracle working Spirit but called him the comforter, the one who would take his place.Neither does he tell us to focus on the Spirit but focus on him and the Spirit will do .

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