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He will look into your eyes longer than a friend would but not as long as the fling guy.He will have big smiles that show he is generally interested in the conversation and in you. If the man has no interest, look for signs of fidgeting.For instance, if there is a man interested in dating you, he might come up to you with a big smile on his face, showing his interest.If you're in a bad mood and you scowl as he approaches, he may not display that same smile if he thinks you aren't interested, or if he senses it's not the right time. The man either wants a business relationship, a friendship, a fling, a dating situation or no relationship. If the man wants a business relationship, you will get a formal firm handshake as you greet.The man will seem interested in what you say when you talk about normal subjects like sports, and there will be some smiles, but not ear-to-ear smiles. If the man is interested in a fling, he will get too close too soon.He will come right next to you and may seem to invade your personal space.He will keep eye contact too long for comfort, and may touch you even though he doesn't know you.

You will be able to tell if a man is interested in dating you, wants a fling, is hoping for a friendship or if he has plans for a business type of engagement.

A man interested in friendship will make eye contact, but of limited duration.

The man will turn toward you sometimes, but not throughout the entire conversation.

The key to the fling is that you will most likely feel uncomfortable and the man likely won't respect your boundaries.

If the man is generally interested in dating you, he will turn toward you during the conversation.

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