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Restore configuration files Restore from your notes taken during the mergemaster -p phase, and the saved configuration files in the #Backups step.You may need to also reinstall any binary modules (non-ports) that you may have had previously installed. This is probably the best place for things to break, as they haven't actually changed anything yet.For example, to checkout the sources for the Net BSD 6.1 release branch, you would use: kernel.If a security advisory has been issued, and you want to just rebuild the necessary libraries and applications, your best bet is to follow the instructions provided in the advisory.

Only the installation of a new kernel and the userland will require root privileges. You can retrieve or update the sources for your release using anoncvs over ssh by specifying the correct branch tag.

A typical user will probably want to copy the CFLAGS and NO_PROFILE (or NOPROFILE on Free BSD 5.

X and older) lines found in /usr/share/examples/etc/(or in /etc/defaults/on Free BSD 4. Examine the other definitions (COPTFLAGS, NOPORTDOCS and so on) and decide if they are relevant to you. If you are going to use a custom kernel, just make sure to use make kernel KERNFILE=your kernel config file (full path) below. This is not strictly needed, but may head off problems with the last step in this process.

compiled custom Free BSD kernel for my Free BSD jail to use vnet. How can I update source tree at /usr/src on Free BSD using svn command to patch and compile kernel again?

Introduction: Subversion is a software versioning and revision control system distributed as open source under the Apache License.

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