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It was reset in the emergency room, and "a week later, I finally started getting work," he told Lauren Brown in a Cosmo GIRL! In the show, he played a rich teenager who doesn't like his own family.

In 2000, he went on an audition for a WB pilot, Day One, and though the show never went into production, WB executives thought Murray had potential and signed him to a development deal.

But it was a visit to a fast-food restaurant that accidentally gave him his shot at stardom.

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"I don't really have a relationship with her." That same year, in 1999, Murray graduated from Clarence High and used the money he had received as a graduation gift to fund his cross-country move.He played college student and budding rock star Charlie Todd, who becomes romantically involved with both Joey Potter, played by Katie Holmes (1978–), as well as her friend, Jen, played by Michelle Williams (1980–), when both teenagers begin college in Boston.Murray was also cast in the title role in a WB television movie, The Lone Ranger, as well as starring in the television series One Tree Hill. 's Ryan Atwood, a troubled teen who is rescued by a kind lawyer and finds himself unexpectedly living in a posh community in Orange County, California.Their romance culminates in the iconic masquerade ball where Sam and Austen plan to meet for the first time IRL.Upon Austen's arrival, he spots Sam in a TINY white eye mask, and even though he goes to school with her, has classes with her, and has even chatted with her at her mom's diner, he literally has no idea who is under this small AF mask! And now, however many years later, Chad Michael Murray is weighing in on the weird moment.

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