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A number of practices in forensic science require additional scientific scrutiny and validation.

Indeed, any scientific method or practice requires periodic review and update to keep pace with developments in the field.

The forensic disciplines that weren’t born in the world of science didn’t from their inception go through the crucible of scientific methodology and review.

This does not mean they aren’t useful or valid; however, they must be demonstrated as such.

This federal advisory board was charged with making recommendations “to enhance the practice and improve the reliability of forensic science.” Sessions didn’t renew the charter of this independent group, instead announcing other steps to be taken within the Department of Justice.

DOJ is not a science agency and thus not the ideal place to address core scientific issues.

Examples include false convictions based on faulty fire scene and burn pattern analysis and on bite mark analysis, incorrect fingerprint identification and instances of misconduct in forensic labs.

If put forth as scientific, these practices must pass scientific scrutiny in the present day.

As an example, fingerprints have been used for identification and legal purposes since the early 1900s.

What we know today may be proven wrong tomorrow – and that would be celebrated as innovation and progress.

If I dropped an apple and it soared upward to disappear into the clouds, Isaac Newton would be the first to say “Cool!

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