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You will learn how to make a field "required" or how to validate an email address with built-in angular features. The first, template-driven forms, are using angular template-directives to generate the model of the the form.Reactive forms on the other hand rely on the programmer to define the form-model.To create that component we again use the angular cli: That's all we need to add to our for now. We also assign each field of our Form Control to one HTML-Element using "form Control Name".Now that we have our Form Control, it is time to define the visuals in our template. You might have noticed, that we are using our first form of validation here.This obscurity can lead to frustration and tempt you to blow away the snapshot. Keep in mind that you can minimize this frustration by following the previous two tips.

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I use a Github integration with Circle CI for my personal projects, and it’s been very helpful (and free). https://tinyletter.com/alanbsmith Thanks for reading!

We love using Jest snapshots for validating our styled-components.

They help us maintain consistent styling and avoid unintended side-effects.

You can quickly set it up by adding the config to the This feedback is really valuable for ensuring all edge cases are covered.

Integrating CI is especially valuable when building a component library.

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