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In particular, ABBYY Flexi Capture users can add new vendor and business unit data and modify existing data.These changes are not carried over to the external database. Data sets are updated as follows: If the Operators do not make any changes to the data set, all of the data it contains will be replaced by data from the external database upon each update.It only makes sense to update data sets that contain data from an external database.The update will make up-to-date data from the external database available in ABBYY Flexi Capture.If you run it, you can edit one of the fields and save the changes (by moving off the record).No error occurs, because the update has been applied successfully.

For example, the Join Data example is built around an ADODataset component that uses the previous SQL join.Some stations will not have access to the external database, making it impossible to update their data sets.The updating of data sets on stations can be disabled by clearing the Update data sets when batch is opened option on the Document Processing in the Options dialog box or by editing the following registry subkey: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ABBYY\Flexi Capture.0\Controller] "Disable Cache Update"="1".Use the following command to update data sets: update dataset Only Administrators and the user of the Project Setup Station can use this command in ABBYY Flexi Capture.Example of a command that can be executed on the Processing Server to update the Vendors data set: This command updates the data set on the Processing Server.

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