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45, while the Pederson property is located east of the archdiocese land.

Marvin Raymona, presiqeni oi tne rvewport Environmental Action Team, wondered why the property owners had a need to annex.

Iney allegedly drove to the other Please see BURGLARIES I A4 Proposed Timberlake Park annex tabled by village board By TIM FROEHUG Staff Reporter Property owner Ken Glick addressed the Antioch Village Board April 17 and pleaded his case to have 76 acres of land he owns annexed to the village. Lighthouse Church of Anlloch 554 Parkway Ave., Antioch. When YOU direct deposit with First National Bank-Employee Owned Get early access to your money when you direct deposit your paycheck, social security check, or pension check with First National Bank-Employee Owned.

The board tabled the motion to allow time for a pre- annexation agreement to be drafted. Glick claimed that if annexed, a total of 193 houses could be built on the land. A number of residents objected to Glick's propos- al. SCHROEOER Founder-1 904-1 986 Publisher NEAL TUCKER Optntent Uahagar ROBERT 1. SHERMAN UNDA SHIPMAN Genrt JSale* Manager Artorishyg Marketing Manager Putfc Rotations Manager JO DAVIS Accounting Manager CRYSTAL REED Classified Manager ROBERT WARDE Managing Edict Digging in Jill Tortorella of Antioch shows how she makes a pot on a potter's wheel during a pottery class at Antioch Community High '"School April 17. Sunday Worship & 10 45am; Sunday School (3 and up) and Bible Study 9.30am Christian Preschool. At First National Bank-Employee Owned we give you access to your funds the day we receive them— that means you could have your money a day or two before your actual pay day!

"The Roman-Catholic Church has no need for annexation," said Raymond.

Ganter said that the Pedersons' sole reason for wanting to annex to the village was to "be a part of the community." This statement prompted harsh response from those wondering why property owners would want to annex into Antioch with no intention of building oh the land in the foreseeable future.

The archdiocese, property is about one-half mile north of Rte, 173 to the eastdf Rte.

"You (the village) have the authority to update your compre- hensive plan," said Martini.

"What good is a plan if you enforce it on a case-by-case basis?

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