Dating a tall girl embarassing

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Not that 5'4" is bad per se - hell, I know a number of 5'5" guys and under who could beat me up - but if I were going out and going to beat the hell out of somebody no matter what, I'd probably pick a smaller guy.

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So, when a man is perceived as shorter than the woman he is with, he appears powerless. One guy requested that I not wear shoes with any form of heel.Just curious as to whether any other tall girls experience this problem and everyone's views? As has been said elsewhere I think there may be a thing where taller men think it's okay to hit on a woman who is out with a short guy under the 'you deserve better' guise. I was out with a bf who was 6.5 inches shorter than me once and three guys took objection to this and beat the living crap out of him and then me too.It also could've been a racist thing, idk, but if he'd been 6.5 inches the other way, I doubt they would have started on us.girl was my personal red-carpet movie star material when we went out.. An insight in the feeble minds of the likes of me: going out with a girl who's taller than you brings about very, very ugly demeanor in others (taller guys moving in because you 'deserve better', dissing him and you, people making remarks, mocking, calling I understand that.It isn't always the men who avoid putting themselves in a position for public judgement.

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