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Eric Gordy, a sociologist, says all three sides are “selling the story of themselves as the biggest victims”.Yet despite voting mainly for ethnically based parties, Bosnians are far less nationalist than is often thought.For Bosniaks and Croats it was the murders of two women, one Bosniak and one Croat, five weeks later. Sarajevo, which is now mostly Bosniak, is peppered with memorials to those who died at the hands of “Serbian criminals” during its siege.

For Serbs it was the murder of a Serb at a wedding in Sarajevo in March 1992.

Romance is a mystery everyone longs for but few know how to navigate. A world traveler and a world reknown lover, your questions will finally have some answers as Ingram shares his vast wisdom of the wonder of when a man becomes enravished in the beauty of a woman. Let me also tell you an even greater importance of the Mona Lisa: the whole painting came together through a simple, quickly delivered pick-up line.

The spacial coherence, the atmospheric illusion, and that little smile make it one of the most important paintings in history.

Then there is Brcko, an autonomous town that muddles along by itself.

On paper, Bosnia is no more complicated than Belgium.

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