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Stream The Plot: Two detectives, Somerset and Mills, search for a serial killer obsessed with the seven deadly sins.The Twist: The murderer, John Doe, offers to lead the detectives to the final two bodies that complete the seven cardinal sins.The Twist: Evelyn reveals her sister is The Plot: Camp Crystal Lake closed 20 years ago, when a young boy drowned and two counselors having sex were murdered.The body of the boy, Jason Voorhees, was never found.Stream The Plot: Defense attorney Martin Vail's latest client, altar boy Aaron Stampler, has been charged with the murder of the archbishop.Stampler suffers from multiple personality disorder, blaming the murder on his alter ego, "Roy."The Twist: Stampler doesn't actually have the disorder—his true personality is that of the sociopathic Roy.Stream The Plot: As the Rebel Alliance runs from Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker trains to become a Jedi Knight.The Twist: Luke abandons his training to save his friends from Vader but ends up in battle with the Sith Lord.

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The job for Söze goes wrong, and only Roger "Verbal" Kint survives.

He attempts to explain to the police what happened so they'll let him leave.

The Twist: After the police let Kint go, they realize he's actually Söze.

Meanwhile, Staff Sergeant Colin Sullivan, a dirty cop secretly doing Costello's bidding, tries to hunt out the "rat."The Twist: Sullivan determines Costigan's identity, shooting him in the head in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it sequence.

After Costigan's funeral, Sullivan returns to his own apartment, where Costigan's handler, Staff Sergeant Sean Dignam, is waiting to kill him.

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