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I should know -- I worked as a cruise ship staff member before and after I married my husband, a cruise captain for Celebrity Cruises.

There will always be crew cruise affairs -- from the captain's quarters on down -- deck by deck, department by department.

On my first contract aboard a cruise ship, the ratio of women to men was 5 to 100.

As a result, females could really pick and choose ... One of the oddest dynamics was a scramble that occurred every 14 days or so (my first ship sailed two-week voyages); the cast of characters would change as contracts ended -- and others began.

It's easy to understand why: With 500 to 2,000-plus cruise ship crew living in one place -- and with the job's natural byproduct of being months away from home at sea -- people naturally seek out companionship as they miss family and friends.

A Canadian coworker once threw away the work clothes of a Honduran woman because the Honduran was developing a close rapport with my coworker's Polish boyfriend.That definitely leads to some uncharted territories when it comes to having relationships.With a mix, literally, of 50-plus nationalities, traditions, cultures and differences, there's both a positive and a negative effect.The positive is a respectful appreciation in learning the ways of others and building friendships. The Indonesian Muslim and the Filipina Christian who had spent four-and-a-half years together, secure in the tolerance and the support of the crew, ran into a glitch when they finally told their parents about their relationship.Each then wanted the other to convert but neither could and they broke up.

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