Dating handle silent treatment

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We should simply acknowledge that they have withdrawn and we want to give them an opportunity to talk it out effectively.Offer them the opportunity to talk, OR to take an agreed-upon timeout.If they continue to give you ‘the silent treatment,’ you have no choice then to give them the space they are creating.At this juncture, however, they will need to take responsibility for withdrawing in an unhealthy way and for creating more hurt in the relationship.

Many couples coming to work with us at The Marriage Recovery Center are disconnected, often by one or both partners choosing to use this immature behavior.Hold them accountable for withdrawing and share that you are ready to reconnect they acknowledge the damage they have done by giving you ‘the silent treatment.’ In summary, silence is a particularly painful weapon and has no place in a healthy relationship.Taking a time out, agreed upon by both people, can be an effective way to get space to reflect, pray and consider a healthy response.While partially true, I knew my actions were also hurtful and did not quickly stop it. To be fair, there are times when we must cool off, and this can actually be a healthy action to take.When feeling overwhelmed, it is important and even responsible to pull back, reflect and choose your actions carefully.

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