Dating psychology major

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The formula is 1912 Max Wertheimer published research on the perception of movement, marking the beginnings of Gestalt Psychology. Watson published ‘Psychology as a Behaviorist Views It’ marking the beginnings of Behavioral Psychology. Jung departed from Freudian views and developed his own theories citing Freud’s inability to acknowledge religion and spirituality.

His new school of thought became known as Analytical Psychology.

1916 Stanford-Binet intelligence test was published in the United States. Watson and Rosalie Rayner published the Little Albert experiments, demonstrating that fear could be classically conditioned.

1917 Robert Yerkes (President of APA at the time) developed the Army Alpha and Beta Tests to measure intelligence in a group format. 1921 Psychological Corporation launched the first psychological test development company, not only commercializing psychological testing, but allowing testing to take place at offices and clinics rather than only at universities and research facilities.

1898 Edward Thorndike developed the ‘Law of Effect,’ arguing that “a stimulus-response chain is strengthened if the outcome of that chain is positive.” 1900 Sigmund Freud published ‘Interpretation of Dreams’ marking the beginning of Psychoanalytic Thought.

1793 Philippe Pinel released the first mental patients from confinement in the first massive movement for more humane treatment of the mentally ill.1906 Ivan Pavlov published the first studies on Classical Conditioning.1911 Alfred Adler left Freud’s Psychoanalytic Group to form his own school of thought, accusing Freud of overemphasizing sexuality and basing his theory on his own childhood.1859 Charles Darwin published the On the Origin of Species, detailing his view of evolution and expanding on the theory of ‘Survival of the fittest.’ 1861 French physician Paul Broca discovered an area in the left frontal lobe that plays a key role in language development. He later founded the American Psychological Association.1869 Sir Francis Galton, Influenced by Charles Darwin’s ‘Origin of the Species,’ publishes ‘Hereditary Genius,’ and argues that intellectual abilities are biological in nature. 1879 Wilhelm Wundt founded the first formal laboratory of Psychology at the University of Leipzig, marking the formal beginning of the study of human emotions, behaviors, and cognitions.

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