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It's also fully voiced from start to finish, including optional conversations.

Just make sure to get the US version instead of EU in case you value dual audio.

There's quite a bit of characterization in this regard since normally every party member will make a comment on what is currently happening on screen (this is also one of my favorite features of the game - no one is put onto the sidelines for the plot).

In total there are 6 endings tied to affection, 1 for each of the four girls and 2 neutral ones.

While I haven't played Fallout, the whole game is basically a treasure of choices.

Starting with Chapter 2, the game introduces you to an affection system which revolves around the female members of your party.

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It has tons of dialogue and options and what you pick actually effect the game play.I want a game where you actually choose dialogue and the whole conversation reacts to that.I also tried Sakura Wars which does that a little bit, but don't like the setting or cast as much.I would recomend playing Record of Agarest War Zero / Agarest: Generations of War Zero (Steam)It has the 1st game on an abridged way as well as the prequel.It is a great game, cool attacks, good music, interesting story, funny dialogue & choices.

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