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Furthermore, this could be a viable route to go for accessing Win API's. some documentation for $o WSH- if you ever need to connect to an access database (on the server, using the IIS or APACHE user account), here is code below that can help to ease the process.It is written like this because we have a My SQL as well as an Access database and need to be able to switch back and forth. There is a show Err flag that we mostly only use for My SQL, since you can output My SQL errors without PHP errors. Here's a simple example of printing formatted templates with MS Word.Sequence is (black/silver, blue, green, cyan, red, magenta, yellow/brown, white/gray). I need to rewrite this code from C# to PHP (that is connect the COM-library to the PHP code)Here is the function that is called inside C#: Gr = Hybrid Lib. GREEN; And here is the list of "Hybrid_Color"which in the library: enum Hybrid_Color; The library itself was launched in PHP:$PHP_Lib = new COM("Hybrid Lib.

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My solution was to employ VBScript to borrow the CDate function, which works correctly. Sp Voice");$voice- If your PHP is configured as ISAPI module then the COM object you create in ur php page will use the same memory space as the web server.

This is how I got around the problem: // Object with method I want to set $auth = new COM("AUTHXOCX.

Auth XOCXCtrl.1"); // Script Control $o Script = new COM("MSScript Control.

Not the most elegant of solutions, but this parameterised approach is to be preferred to search-n-replacing the Record Selection Formula string. If your COM object takes too much memory then this may force some COM error as PHP does not handle the memory usage of COM itself.

Of course if anyone here has an even better approach, do post it here - I am sure it would be of use. And also Web server doesnt know what do to free COM memory.

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