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The last alternative is intriguing and may seem even a bit radical.A company that designs and specifies a product is already more than half way to being a manufacturer, and Sears has always been considered as just a buyer and retailer, not a manufacturer.It would seem that Sears had three choices: Of these alternatives, we can easily rule out the first.

In an earlier article we reviewed the Early Craftsman Tools of the late 1920s through mid 1940s, and a separate article covered the Craftsman "BE" and H-Circle line of sockets in greater depth.

Then after this audition process, Sears evaluated the results and chose "Maker V" as their primary contract manufacturer.

And that brings us neatly to the next section, where we will finally get to meet "Maker V".

By the early 1940s the Craftsman brand was about 15 years old and had become highly successful.

The Craftsman line included a full range of mechanics' hand tools by this time, from sockets and drive tools to wrenches and pliers, as well as a broad range of woodworking tools and power tools.

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