Euroasian dating

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Fuck your hat and get outta the frame you juiced-up, badly-suggested male avatar! She started stripping, then progressed her way into solo and finally into boy/girl scenes. 5.) Katsuni/Katsumi Born in Lyon, France to a Vietnamese dad and French mother, Katsuni broke into the industry at age 23 and took the biz by storm! I like sexy-sounding foreign accents from all over the world and Katsuni is rocking THE sexiest French accent to ever touch my ears. Hottie Recipe: English dad Thai mom = Eurasian Aphrodite of Sex! Gorgeous halfie, Roxy Jezel gets her unique looks from her Thai dad and English mom. Every Chinese New Year, my relatives would talk about how I was bigger than all my petite aunts and uncles because there is obviously nothing more interesting than criticising someone’s body right in front of them.

*cries* As kids, we made racist jokes because we didn’t know any better.Not only did my name attract unwanted attention, but also the way I looked.For the longest time, I was jealous of everyone’s thin noses and jet black hair.I even went to the extent of shaving my naturally bushy eyebrows because someone said they looked like caterpillars.Well, jokes on you now Rachel, I hope your big, blank, eyebrow-less forehead is doing well.

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