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Yes, Intel looks to be implementing yet another socket change for these new parts, requiring new motherboards for anyone who wants to swim in Comet Lake’s waters.This is hardly surprising given the company’s track record in that regard, but again Intel now has very strong competition from AMD -- which has been pushing out faster, bigger, more powerful CPUs on the same AM4 socket since September of 2016.Shortages of AMD’s high-end parts persist nearly two months after their launch, our testing has shown that not all Ryzen 3000 cores can hit the top advertised speed of the CPU, and almost all X570 motherboards require active cooling -- something that hasn’t been common since the days of dedicated northbridge and southbridge chips.But if you don’t want to deal with the whir of an extra fan (and an extra potential point of failure), you can of course opt for a lower-cost previous-generation 400-series motherboard with AMD, although you’ll then lose PCIe 4.0 support.But with all the positive (and mostly well-deserved) press that AMD has been getting this year, even mainstream consumers are soon likely to start considering alternatives, as more and more AMD machines show up in Best Buy and on Amazon’s curated choice lists.

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Add in the bandwidth-doubling PCIe 4.0 interface packed into new AMD X570 motherboards and backward-compatibility with previous-generation, lower-priced X400-series boards and what Intel looks to be readying for early next year honestly borders on insulting.

Before I go any further, let’s take a quick recap of what we know -- or at least what we think we know -- about Comet Lake-S so far.

Intel’s next-gen mainstream CPUs, dubbed Comet Lake-S, aren’t expected land in desktops until sometime in 2020.

But the rumors and leaks about the company’s upcoming 14nm ( ? And boy, it’s hard to see how these chips -- which look to be a fifth (if you count Coffee Lake Refresh) re-warming of the company’s 2015-era Skylake architecture -- are going to find favor among just about any enthusiast or system builder next year.

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