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Trolling of incredible women athletes playing other sports remains rampant.

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But while we can commend athletes like Cambage for staying fierce in the face of abuse, there is also a responsibility on behalf of the organisations that run these competitions to support their players in what is ultimately a welfare issue.

His comment was liked, loved or laughed at by at least 445 people before it was deleted.

Just what possesses men to post derogatory comments? When men feel entitled to the power and privilege associated with the patriarchal world of sport, there is a perception that this kind of behaviour is both normal and without retribution.

That's because, until very recently, bad behaviour by men — including abhorrent instances of violence against women — has been justified, excused or ignored. Some of our national sporting organisations, and those in positions of power within them, are taking a while to catch on to the link between sport and a culture of gender inequality that sets the conditions for violence against women to occur.

This is not just a problem for the AFL, or for Channel 7 either.

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