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The latest craze for single fitness nuts is date-ercise. Is breathless, sweaty speed dating the antidote to soulless swiping that we all need? ‘Date-ercise is just like any other fitness class, with the twist that everyone is single and wanting to meet somebody,’ explains founder Keith Mcniven.The speed dating fitness class that could help you work on your love life as well as your summer body. ‘You can pace yourself on the various zones, but you will still be pushed physically.Instead, mention that you have old-fashioned values or that your mother “raised you right.” (Stuck wondering what else she thinks?Learn 39 Things Women Wish You Knew.) You say: “Just looking to meet someone new and see where it goes.” She hears: “Online dating is a great way for me to meet a new girl every night of the week.” You might flock to the Web looking for a fling, but she's got something deeper in mind. “Your profile is really a discussion point—you want to inspire someone to email you," Davis says.Ashley, a 25-year-old Atlanta woman and frequent online dater, says to her it means, “you want to be with a woman who frequents the gym.” If that’s the case, the more tactful way to get your point across is to give examples of how active you are, and mention activities you hope a potential mate would enjoy with you, says e Flirt founder Laurie Davis, author of the upcoming book .You say: “I’ve been told I’m really good at massages.” She hears: “I sleep with a lot of women and I’m all about getting physical.There are even plans to offer more advanced classes in future, as well as LGBT-specific classes and Friend-ercise – for people who are new to the area and want to expand their social circle or just on the hunt for a workout buddy.‘In the last few years, there has been a fitness boom – with more people embracing a healthy lifestyle focused on well-being,’ explains Keith.

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Your heart is already racing, your blood is already pumping – sparks are bound to fly.

After a quick warm-up, 14 guests bond over a series of exercises for 45 minutes in total.

Tailored for couples and led by an experienced personal trainer, participants complete 45 seconds of work at various stations – including battle ropes, exercise bikes and sledge pushing, and then you get 40 seconds to rest between the zones.

‘Similarly, we’re getting tired of constantly swiping on dating apps and going our for drinks to meet new people, but opting for engaging activities instead.

So if you prefer burpees and protein shakes to steak and red wine – this could be the perfect first date for you.

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