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Groff recorded his lines for Frozen, for example, while shooting the first season of Looking on-location in San Francisco, doing voice takes for his Disney romantic lead on weekends while cruising for hand jobs in a park for an endearingly awkward Looking scene during the week.“Couldn’t be more different, right? In the middle of season two, he told his parents that he’d put together a few sex-free clips from Looking to show them.

” it continues before Groff realizes how long he’s been harping on this and stops it abruptly. “That’s my life, basically.”He’s laughing it off as “quite the dichotomy, right? The 31-year-old’s career is schizophrenic in the way that actors mostly fantasize about. It required that he be, well, gay.“It was really publicly owning my sexuality,” he says. I mean, now I’m fucking guys on TV.”Some gay men like to joke that one of the reasons coming out is hard for parents and parental figures to take is because it forces them to picture you having sex with dudes, and that makes them uncomfortable. He was literally, as he just said, “fucking guys on TV.”And that’s precisely why his parents didn’t watch Looking, he says, recalling one particular horror story.

Wendla and Melchior's relationship is central to the plot.

As children, they often participated in community service activities together through the church, but as they grew older, opportunities to interact became very infrequent.

Risking tonal whiplash, they rehearsed on weekends when he wasn’t in Pittsburgh shooting his next role, on , about the FBI’s elite serial crime unit.“It all plays on each other,” he says, referencing his various theater and screen projects. “He was like, ‘I turned to the channel and I saw this British guy and you were both naked and I saw him go for a condom.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t watch it.’”In a way, though, the reaction exemplifies the exact service that Looking provided.

Groff and I joke about the ass-eating scene that you will certainly be talking about come Sunday night. ” he insists, possibly the first actor to perform that and not deliver the rote “it’s always awkward and robotic…” line, as instructed in the Actor’s Bible.

He shot Sunday’s film, a consolation prize for the show and its fans after HBO canceled the series following two low-rated, but much-debated seasons, while on hiatus from . You know where it’s going.“In season two I have like one sex scene with Russell Tovey.

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I don’t even have to ask before he starts playing one, blushing a bit as Kristoff talks to Laila, the granddaughter of one of his father’s co-workers who was about to have surgery as part of cancer treatment. He and actor Gavin Creel were, at one point, Broadway’s cutest couple.In both the play and musical he is perceived as headstrong, handsome, and charismatic, leading to him to be well-liked among his peers.His teachers sometimes find him disruptive and aggravating, as he often protests against their lessons, however, they also want to exploit his potential leading them to often blame Mortiz for Melchior's short comings.But the scene, in all its graphicness—stark realness, actually—means much more than that.“These sex scenes are an opportunity to illuminate something in a character but also in life for people,” he says. “Like this is what actually goes down.”He likes to tell the story about how many of his straight friends didn’t realize that gay men can have sex facing each other until they watched his character do it in a scene in Looking.“I think [Looking creator] Andrew Haigh does a really good job capturing the reality of sex instead of just the salaciousness of sex,” he says.

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