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According to the research, Koreans are one of the most ethnically and linguistically homogenous groups in the world.

However, when one of the fabulous Korean actors, Hong Suk-Cheon, came out in one of the television show that he actually is a gay, as in love with same sex, the LGBT people in Korea have slowly stood up their rights.

I think the discriminate against to prohibited to marriage by gender identity is discrimination.

This is really sad, because they love each other but can’t marry.

The world of Ivan has been used since 1995 and now it is used not only by gay community but by common society as well.

All of them were start how they know they were gay and what made them feel hard and get hurt in the society, when others knew they are gay.Throughout those years, they have also made on-line chatting websites or apps for easier communication of their subculture life.First of all, there are two Korean gay site or online community in Korea and one foreign site for dating.They would do best not only for Korean but to connect the whole world to deliver love, hope and freedom for all the gay peoples in the world.And based on the aime to be able to present Ivan city as Asia’s proud gay community, they would put the best of an effort into the work.

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