Gods way of dating

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Sometimes He will say "no" or "not now"; keep that in mind as you seek guidance from the Holy Spirit in your friendships and other relationships.

Remember Proverbs 3:5-6, which says, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.

It causes them to be far too passive in looking for a spouse.

No need to search or do anything if God has already decided this for you.2.

Let’s look at 1st Corinthians 7:“But if a man thinks that he’s treating his fiance improperly and will inevitably give in to his passion, let him marry her as he wishes. But if he has decided firmly not to marry and there is no urgency and he can control his passion, he does well not to marry.” -1st Corinthians Notice something here: the decision of whether or not to marry and the decision of who to marry are left up to the reader.

Paul never instruct the readers to “ask if it’s God’s will for you to marry.” He never tells the widows to “pray and ask if he’s the one” (or the next “one,” or whatever).

In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths." God sees the bigger picture and knows what is best for you at this point in your life. She loves audiobooks, feeding the people she cares about, and using Christmas lights to illuminate a room.

When Catiana is not writing, cooking, or drawing, she enjoys spending time with her two kids, five socially-awkward cats, and her amazing friend-amily.

Here’s a helpful quote:“It is our conviction, based on experience in ministry and on God’s Word, that two Christians who share an attraction, who are committed in faith to God through Christ, and who are determined to obey the Bible’s teachings will be able to love each other in marriage.” –Holding Hands, Holding Hearts: Recovering a Biblical View of Christian Dating Clarifying Questions: Are you saying I should consider any single, devoted Christian of the opposite sex as a potential spouse? I’m saying you are allowed to, and you don’t need some kind of special permission/revelation from God to date another single believer.He simply compares married life to single life and leaves the choice to them. But I do think there is a more Scriptural, common sense way to approach this issue.Yet I often here church people saying things like, “I’ll marry if it’s God’s will,” or “I’m waiting for the one God has chosen for me.” Are we trying to be more spiritual than the Bible? Keep these things in mind: God will not choose for you, but He will guide you in finding a good match.It gives them unrealistic expectations about romance and marriage.Relationships should be easy, after all, if you find the one God created just for you.3.

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