Greco serial dating backdating auto

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Kanda Shokai at first used the Greco brand name for the solid body models and used the Canda brand name for their Acoustic models which was based on the company name Kanda Canda.

Silvertone guitars represent the honest character of the guitars that created the classic music that still rules today.

Greco’s 1977-1979 clones are very nice, too, but many have hardware and specs that don’t match up with the Gibson and Fender classic designs. The letter that (may) begin the serial number corresponds with the month of production, and the next 2 digits tell the year.

Rickenbacker serial numbers have been issued in a number of formats.

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These guitars were made by the same guys who made the Greco "Sparkle Sound," "Spacey Sound," "Sparkle Sound," and "Super Real" Stratocasters from 1977-1981.

Greco still retained the business of selling great Gibson clones and other brand knockoffs of extraordinary high quality up until 1989.

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