How to keep dating interesting

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A lot of times, when you ask a couple that seems like they are head over heels in love with each other what’s their secret, they may tell you something generic like listen to each other or have a healthy sex life.Yes, these things are important, but there’s more to a happy relationship than just those two things!Keeping your identity will allow you to grow as a person, be less dependent on your partner to meet your needs and take healthy space in your relationship.Relationships are more rewarding when both individuals have their own hobbies, friends and outside relationships (as well as friends together).All relationships go through stages, phases and transitions.The hope is you and your partner increase feelings of closeness and security as your relationship develops, leading to close emotional connection and love for one another.Without spending a lot of money or planning extravagant dates and vacations, there are many ways to maintain closeness, love and excitement.

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” conversations and create give and take in your communication.

Be creative in how you show admiration and affection.

Sending thoughtful text messages or emails, planning a surprise, cooking a romantic dinner or leaving a nice note on your way out the door are all great ways to say how you feel and show him you care.

Keep love on your side by growing together, communicating well, gaining new experiences and creating a healthy balance of separateness and togetherness.

Not only will your relationship thrive, but you and your partner will experience the rewarding benefits of intimacy and lasting love.

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