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2.) OPSEC guys, I will try to be specific, but will be leaving out specific dates and places. Anyway, like The title says, I was in the Army for 10 years.

During that time I traveled all over the world for deployments and training ops.

What was strange was that this room had a door that was locked from the inside.

It was a sheet metal door with a hand latch on the inside which you could lock with a padlock.

Often, my three man team would get attached to a line platoon, and go out on a 24-48 hour mission to get eyes on an intersection or building where we suspected the enemy moved.99.9% of the time everything went according to plan; we would either spend all day looking at nothing, we would get compromised at the break of dawn and get into a day long gunfight, or if we were really lucky, we would get the drop on the bad guys and end up ambushing them.

I've seen a lot of the bad shit the world has to offer, and a lot of the good.

I was an Infantryman, and sniper, and during my first deployment to Iraq, I spent a lot of time sitting on rooftops, or inside abandoned buildings.

We were just going from building to building at night checking things out.

We found this one house with a room on the roof that had been built separately from the main structure, which in and of itself was pretty common.

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