Internet dating addiction research

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The most frequent offender was weight, with daters either adding or shaving off an average of 5%.Daters were more truthful about their age (1.5% deviation) and height (1.1% deviation).

(2009) surveyed 2,670 married couples in the UK, Australia and Spain.On average people are looking for someone about the same as themselves.Indeed there are now many dating sites aimed at narrower demographics such as sports fans, Jewish people or those with particular medical conditions.Although 94% deny their internet dating profiles contain any fibs (Gibbs et al., 2006), psychologists are a suspicious lot. (2008) measured the heights and weights of 80 internet daters, as well as checking their driving licences for their real age.When this data was compared with their profiles, it showed that nine out of ten had lied on at least one of the attributes measured, but the lies were only small ones.

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