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Jerky scrolling, no mouse feedback or other visual feedback to let you know where you can or cannot click and no messenger intergration.Works best on a smaller screen but posts should be able to size to fit bigger or wider monitors, do like the layout, it's clean and clear and fast. The app doesn't resize well if I want to make it tall and narrow, and chat sends me to the messenger website.Once i Tunes is all squared away, it’s time to turn your attention to your phone.Connect your i OS device to your computer using an USB cable.Additionally, the button to hide or show the menu does not affect the scaling of the feed and poses the question of why the button has to exist at all.

The app works at a basic level but it is not a smooth experience yet.

Since you are not dealing with Wi FI signal, there is less chance of an error occurring during the download and install process. take a moment to make sure you are using the latest version of i Tunes.

Click on i Tunes in the menu bar and then click on “Check for updates.” You can also go directly to Apple’s i Tunes download page, which is now allowing you to download i Tunes 11.1.3, the most recent version of the media manager.

After you have figured out which i OS firmware file to download, click on the appropriate link below to download the file.

All shot in High Definition for your viewing pleasure.

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