Jennifer aniston and jake gyllenhaal dating bobby butronic dating

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but just like who she is." Ugh, is it possible to ship a couple that never actually happened? We all know that Gyllenston never happened, but it's still fun to imagine how things might have been different if they had hooked up IRL.

Gyllenhaal said it was "not so much Friends, but like kind of just her personality from afar and movies that she was in — some of Friends, but [I'm] not like a huge Friends fan, yeah...

It seems Witherspoon has been roped into the fictional storyline involving Aniston and Gyllenhaal simply because she’s close friends with actress and used to date the actor. “Jennifer Aniston, Jake Gyllenhaal Went On Secret Date? “Velvet Buzzsaw.” Wikipedia Spokesperson for Jake Gyllenhaal. “Jennifer Aniston ‘Moving On’ With Jake Gyllenhaal?

Did Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllenhaal go on a “secret date” in New York City last week? A rep for the actor, however, tells Gossip Cop it’s completely untrue.

During the movie's release, he was 21, and she was 33, which isn't a huge age gap by most standards, but definitely one the tabloids would have latched onto.

I can picture the Us Weekly covers now, declaring that "cougar" Jen ended her marriage for a hot younger man.

Witherspoon didn’t orchestrate a date that never occurred.

Gyllenhaal got a bit flustered when asked about working with Aniston on The Good Girl, and it's ridiculously cute. Furthermore, Aniston definitely would have had a rep as a cougar if she'd dated Gyllenhaal.

While the tabloid is basing its whole narrative on information from “onlookers,” Gyllenhaal’s own spokesperson tells us he’s been in Los Angeles shooting the Rendon, Christine.

“Jennifer Aniston wraps up in coat and jeans…” Daily Mail.

But he admits that's not actually where his admiration stemmed from.

It wasn't hard, that's what I would say."Of course, in 2002, Friends was still wildly popular, so it makes sense why Gyllenhaal would crush on Rachel Green.

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