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Recording took place at the studio formerly known as Bad Animals where the band laid down what would be their last album with Layne Staley in the fall of ’95.But they carried the legacy of a more recent loss with them too.While there’s a strong case to be made for Cantrell as the greatest lead player of the 90s alternative scene, Du Vall’s achievement in thriving alongside him over their three albums together is easy to take for granted. The 14,000-foot Mount Rainier is a towering landmark for Pacific North West residents and Alice In Chains returned home to Seattle for the initial tracking of the album.A place where ghosts of the past reside, even in the summer climes they spent there.

Jerry: “The middle section of that song touches on that.It would sound different so where we find these places to leave room for one another it really elevates the material, at least in terms of making it something it would never have been otherwise.”Jerry, did William’s presence change your songwriting process when he joined the band? He’s his own unique dude and he’s got his own vocal sound.The way he writes and plays guitar is extremely different from me.There’s this thing of let’s try it, it will either be really, really bad in terms of baggage and stuff you’ve got to confront or it will be really, really cool. “Seattle in summertime becomes one of the most beautiful cities on earth during those few months. Anytime we felt ourselves confronting that stuff it was positive not negative.And going to this studio where they’d had this history and other bands had this history – Superunknown was done there. It helped fuel instead of restrict.”Jerry: “It made sense because we made a conscious decision and said, ‘Let’s go home to Seattle and make this record.’ We had history at the studio, we recorded the self-titled record there and that’s when it was Bad Animals – Heart’s studio.

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