Lewis backdating

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Legal aid firm Duncan Lewis was the Claimant in a claim for judicial review of the LAA’s refusal to backdate legal aid certificates, even where solicitors have made a legal aid application as promptly as possible and it is necessary to begin work in order to secure access to justice for a client before the certificate is issued.

The principal argument was that the LAA has failed to recognise that the regulations must contain an implied power to backdate certificates, or are ultra vires. The Government’s concession that backdating certificates is necessary will help countless people to challenge decisions made by public bodies which must be considered urgently, such as unlawful removals and unlawful detentions by the Home Office, and the failure of local authorities to provide accommodation for people at risk of being made homeless.

It is likely that business rates will be backdated to the most recent of: (a) 1 April 2015 in England or 1 April 2010 in Wales, and (b) the date on which you became the occupier of the space. The Valuation Office Agency is currently in the process of revaluing properties and will be in touch if the property you occupy will be affected.

A former partner of Linklaters Shanghai, Andrew Godwin teaches law at Melbourne Law School in Australia, where he is an associate director of its Asian Law Centre.

In February this year, we reported on the Supreme Court ruling in Woolwich v Mazars.

In summary, the Supreme Court ruled that where a business tenant occupies two or more distinct areas in a building (for example, separate floors) which are accessed through communal areas (e.g.

HM Revenue and Customs ( Your tax code will also change if you’re employed or get a pension.

Your new code will reflect your new Personal Allowance and will end with ‘N’.

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