Life with derek dereks school of dating

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So, Casey and Lizzie had to share a room, which was too small!

Casey decides that she wants Derek's room for her own, saying that she and Lizzie have nothing.

In a few of the earlier produced episodes, Emily had a huge crush on Derek.

She is also the next-door neighbor of the Mc Donald-Venturis.

Really, every single person on the planet has a life because living is also known as having a life.

Also, if you mean that there is this boy named Derek that doesn't seem very popular, then yes, popular people would say Derek needs to get a life.

Casey gives Derek acting advice, and the audience actually loves the play.

Noel and Casey do a kissing scene, and as evidenced at the end of the episode, Noel seems to take an interest in Casey.

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Unfortunately, plans go awry when Noel thinks Casey asked him out on a date.

Derek explodes when being asked to give up his room, which he's lived in since he was an infant.

Nora and George make a room for Casey in the basement, but Casey fools Derek into wanting the downstairs bedroom.

Lizzie and Edwin, become really scared and freak out, seeing the condition and the environment of the party.

Soon, Nora and George reach home, and then get everybody out of the house. Derek encourages Edwin to play hard to get with Michelle, but that only leads to trouble as Michelle dumps him.

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