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Unfortunately, poorer women are more likely to develop HPV infection and develop cervical cancer.

The vaccine currently costs 400 dollars for the three rounds of vaccinations in Canada.

An example of this is a 16-year-old girl who lost nearly all of her vision within 10 days of receiving the second course of her vaccine against the human papilloma virus, reports a case study in the Journal of Child Neurology.

The study recounts the case of a previously healthy teenage girl who developed a headache on the left side of her head and began to lose vision in her right eye eight days after receiving her second HPV vaccine shot.

These were not victimless crimes – illegal acts by pharmaceutical companies and false claims …

can put the public health at risk, corrupt medical decisions by healthcare providers, and take billions of dollars directly out of taxpayers’ pockets.

This vaccine has proven to be one-hundred percent effective in preventing the 4 HPV strains that are responsible for seventy percent of cervical cancers and ninety percent of genital warts.

In addition, no serious side effects have been identified.

It is one the most common viral sexually transmitted infections.

Over the course of the following 48 hours, the pain spread across her head and she began to lose sight in her left eye as well.

At this point, the girl went to the emergency room, where doctors found her vital signs to be normal with no indication of infection or systemic illness.

Therefore, parents believe that mandating the HPV vaccine for girls of school age is an unnecessary action in response to a promiscuous but preventable behavior (Gottvall et al. Yet, another argument against the vaccine’s mandatory use is that there are too many unknowns regarding the HPV vaccine such as side effects and long-term effects.

Advocates against mandatory vaccination also believe there has not been enough time for science to ascertain whether or not booster immunizations are required, and if so, how often and at what age they should be administered.

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