Mobile chat taboo

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People on an average spend over two hours a day on their mobile screens.This comprises mostly of young adults and working professionals.Last June, for example, four people were arrested for using the service to protest the building of a waste incineration plant in Ningxia, Hunan.“The size of the audience matters for a lot because as the audience increases you have the potential for greater spillover to actual moblization on the streets,” says Ng.“The fact that you can reach out to more people than just a single person makes it more risky that it could go viral or provoke street protests.”The researchers also discovered that We Chat only censors content for users who bind their account to a mainland Chinese phone number when they first register to use the app.

Everyone has a different level of understanding capacity.

This is what drives employees to deliver better output and increase your profitability.

In order to retain and motivate employees, L&D teams are using mobile-based platforms to deliver training as most employees are comfortable with mobile devices.

Why are enterprises so keen and focused on increasing employee engagement?

According to the Gallup poll, the most engaged workers are 21% more productive at their workplace.

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