Muslim dating new zealand

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At a recent social gathering, I’d been chatting to a group of typical Kiwi guys – middle-aged, middle-class family men – when the conversation turned to the refugee crisis.

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“If you don’t stand and fight for your own country then you deserve to lose it,” wrote Lesley – to the outrage of Alisa, who posted drone footage shot over Syria’s largest city, Aleppo, showing block after block of utter destruction. “Will you have any empathy,” she fired back, “when one of those terrorists blows up something in NZ and hundreds/thousands are killed?“But it’s very important to realise the absolute majority [of refugees from Syria] are women, children and elderly fleeing for their lives. They’re not looking for an opportunity to cause trouble.”Journalist Jon Stephenson, who’s had extensive experience reporting in the Middle East, says Muslims who have built a life in New Zealand are very conscious of the potential threat from radicalisation.He knows of two young dissidents whose passports were confiscated after a tip-off from relatives who discovered the hapless pair were heading to Syria after they booked their flights by credit card.“These [refugees] are the people fleeing terrorism.If you have this insane idea you should ban Muslim immigration, you’re going to generate an intense division and isolate them.

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