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If this service is stopped, remote desktop sharing will be unavailable.If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start.Microsoft Net Meeting is a software accountable for multi-point data conferencing, text chatting, whiteboard and file transferring.

Step 1: select the item to share Step 2: click on "Share"once the desktop or an application has been shared (indicated by the check-mark in front of the name in the list ), you can define , whether the other participants to the meeting can only view it or whether they can take control and then use their mouse and keyboard to control it.From a reverse perspective, you can also use this method to get the technical support from your friends.Here are several advantages of using this program to do remote computer troubleshooting: - It supports all Microsoft Windows and installed by default on Windows XP and 2000.Although used by most people for meetings via a network (to avoid travel), Net Meeting can also be used to give support, to give "Remote Assistance".Lets name the system needing support ("Assistance") the ": Such a connection to give assistance is possible via any connection, which supports TCP/IP : - local area network (LAN ) - Wide area network (WAN) - dial-in via Modem - via the Internet Once the "Expert" has connected to the "Novice" system, he can see on his screen the desktop of the "Novice", he is also (if allowed by the "Novice") take control and use the mouse and keyboard on his "Expert" system to control the "Novice" system : On first time usage, Net Meeting will prompt you to enter some personal information and to define the connection parameters.

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