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I've talked with several people who have lost a ton of money to this kind of scam and what they had in common was they mentioned they had lost their spouse. the most popular date site has alot of theses scammers.

One contacted me, said he was from area but working for private firm in Nigeria, email #3 bad luck, was in a wreck and need help, fortunatly i caught on quick something was wrong when i told him to go to embassy for help.

You’ll have good dates and bad (and great and awful).

And, unfortunately, as some people can attest, you might just meet some scammers.

I borrowed, the stress put me in the hospital with multiple mini stokes.

Now I'm stuck with loans and such and I'm disabled.

She’s from the US, but she’s working in [fill in the name of another country].

We connected right away, and we’re planning to meet.

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it should be a Red Flag but some don't want to believe they have been lied too.. We would visit every day for one-half to one hour a day. In the first situation, I was totally unaware of the scamming day he was off the site with at least that name.warned a girl at work who encountered the same thing different name.If someone you've never met is asking you for money, it's obviously a scam. There are thousands of men and women calling themselves or being CEO of hustling, there is a Facebook page HUSTLING, you will meet a lot of them on dating pages, saying they love you, you go out with them,then it's I need this, that, all kinds of hardships. I' have one now trying to claim his late fathers company will lend him money to get home from overseas. I'm sure they don't they are trying to get him for fraud, he wanted to come to USA to see her,and then would stop over to see her on his way to Canada for another contractor job, I'm sure he's getting run out of town..But he wants to wire the money to my account (to supposedly "help me" with my bills and send him the rest to pay for his flight, hotel, fix a machine(which the other day, he only needed 0 but suddenly wants to wire 100 times that into my account). and then I turn around and wire money to him so he asking me for access to my account. He delayed visits for the holidays to her and then now she has mortgage her home, she is now running behind on bills... The sad part the people she should trust she won't listen too, and the ones she does listen too rip her off..

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