Park hee soon dating

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Rather than a ceremony, I would like to hear news soon about a child because Park Hee-soon with little kids is so adorable!He looks so happy and fatherly with children (see his press tour of Barefoot Dream or the bts of Missing Noir M).Only a few acquaintances, friends, and close family were invited.Gil, Jang Na-ra, and actor Cho Yo-jeong, who are close to the two, attended the event, too.They only had a signing ceremony with their families.In 2016, Rapper Jessi posted a picture of Park Hee-soon and Park Ye-jin’s wedding party on her Instagram at a certain place in Itaewon, Seoul.I love his acting in beautiful world ,he depicts his emotions in a very manly way yet as a loving dad & husband ,handle situations smartly. Sidenote: I always think this and please don't hate me, but at a certain angle, he looks like an older Kan Han Neul....think about it. I've seen him in a lot of other dramas and movies, and each time I'm just so moved by his delivery of the character.

Congratulations to my favorite actor, Park Hee-soon, in his recently revealed marriage to fellow actor Park Ye-jin.

The couple has only turn in the paperwork and have pushed off the wedding for an undesignated period due to busy schedules.

Actually, some reports are saying they've been married for a while now (couple of months), so maybe they won't have a ceremony at all.

Despite having an 11-year difference in age, as well as being industry seniors and juniors, the two have been revealed to be dating for about a month now.

Park Hee Soon's agency, Yuleum Entertainment, commented, Park Ye Jin is currently under another agency the CEO of Yuleum Entertainment runs, making her and Park Hee Soon 'agency family members'.

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