Pg dating script okcupid interracial dating

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It is build on top of oxwall so before you even look at the development of their script you are running another entire script underneath it.It was server hungry and to make things worse to get any real use from it required you to buy more plugins from random developers.I wanted to move to something new with better support and a community and this is what led me to Skadate.

Pg Dating Pro is a reliable dating software built by the Pilot Group team that offers multiple products that will help you start a dating website.I just want to say as the newest purchaser of DS that I am very impressed with it.Firstly the support received has been very good but most of all the actual script itself is leaps and bounds better than anything else. Over the years I have used the old e Meeting (now Advandate) script and been building a member database and learning PHP ect developing the script.While I have not merged my site to DS script I am still in the stage of exploring the customisation of the script and database import and I have to say I very happy where i am now. After purchasing I asked them where is the members are for me to login?A good script with good support and best of all an active developer community. Being built specifically for its purpose it is not just a script slapped on top of some other software. They kept trying to tell me the admin for the script on my own server.

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