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In cold weather, you can turn off your device or put them into the pockets and keep it warm.

Generally speaking, force restart is the easiest way for i Phone users to solve various i Phone routine problems including the screen frozen If you are running some apps that haven't been updated for some time, they could lead to i Phone freezing problem after a new i OS update.

For now, users of Microsoft's own hardware, like the Surface series, will have to pay attention to the same bug reports and hotfix patch notes that the rest of us do—it still applies to them, as these April 2018 Update bugs clearly demonstrate.

As the latest version of i Phone, i Phone XR/Xs/X is endowed with various excellent functions.

The Surface Pro freezing issue is known to Microsoft as well, and the company has even said what's causing it: 2017 Surface Pros contain Intel SSD 600 hard drives, which the April Update isn't currently compatible with.

Tech Republic covered the hard drive incompatibility issue, and steps to take if you're affected, in a previous article.

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In truth, the phenomenon can be caused by low temperature, jailbreak, i OS system update and so on.

Then you can download the app again from App Store.

Whenever you install a new update on i Phone, the settings will be overridden by new settings and may lead to some conflicts. Don't give up and Tenorshare Rei Boot will be your savior.

It has to build Windows to handle a greater variety of hardware than Apple, which can write updates safe in the knowledge that it only ever has to run on the company's own hardware.

Microsoft won't ever have that luxury unless they split Windows into two different build categories with one strictly reserved for Microsoft hardware.

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