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Now experienced as conquerors, the Oni returned to the First Realm and attacked the Dragon Hunters and Dragons.Everyone touched by the darkness was petrified but Firstbourne and Faith managed to escape and were injured.The only full-blooded Oni that was known to be alive at the time was Mistaké, who remained in Ninjago after helping to defend it, now disguised as an elderly tea lady.After his banishment to the Cursed Realm, and the subsequent drowning of its embodiment The Preeminent at the hands of Nya, Garmadon and the realm's other inhabitants passed on to the Departed Realm.Before their defeat, the Oni left the three Oni Masks behind as a sign of their time in the realm, building a temple deep within Primeval's Eye, where they depicted their origins on the walls and sealed away the Oni Mask of Hatred so it could only be taken by a being with Oni blood.Thousands of years later, the First Spinjitzu Master's son, Garmadon, would inherit his Oni blood from his father.While here, he saw an "endless night" which filled him with fear.Believing only the power of Destruction he inherited from his father could protect his father's realm from the coming threat of the Oni, Garmadon sought out Harumi upon his resurrection, plotting to conquer Ninjago and overcome his love for his son in order to stir up enough conflict to unlock his True Potential.

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Dennis Gidon Collard, William Murrey Ordway, David Alfred Webster, for Appellant. Oni's motion to set aside the final decree of adoption, and Dr. He alleges that the trial court erred in: (1) denying his motion to dismiss as untimely Ms. The Omega fought Lloyd and Garmadon, and beat the pair back.Garmadon and Lloyd managed to destroy the Realm crystal although it did not stop the Oni Invasion. The Oni attacked the Monastery at the same time and the Ninja, Wu, Faith and Garmadon held a last stand to protect the citizens taking refuge in it.Once awakened, the blood that flowed through his veins would turn him into a megalomaniacal monster, bent on conquering Ninjago.He would then go on to cause many of the conflicts in Ninjago's history.

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