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It was 106 days from the date the question, on the 10th of April. , also known as just Rocsi, is a Honduran-American television and radio personality and model.Answer I think he do the way he be looking at her and he said so his self i heard him but i wish he can be mine. She’s only five feet and two inches tall and her body was always nice example of so called pear body shape with smaller breasts and wider hips.

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50 Cent’s Mystery Men – We left this for last because it’s all rumors, but when Rocsi pissed Fiddy off back in 2007, Curtis said that he knew of four other “colleagues” that chopped her down.It was 106 days from the date the question, on the 10th of April.From the day the question is being answered, the 23rd of April, it is 93 days.During the taping, Terrence called Rocsi out on several occasions, criticizing her on everything from her shaky teleprompting read to suggesting that his co-host needed a healthy helping of breath mints, just before cutting to a commercial break.It wasn't long after Terrence joked about his petite co-host's frame, that Rocsi walked off set. Rocsi from 106 & park is half Honduran, Lisa (may so rest in peace) from TLC is honduran, and America Ferrera a.k.a ugly Betty is also Honduran.

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