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In this niche, people will pay a premium for fewer features just to have access to people with a similar mindset. I am not sure how many people actually buy the Farmers Only branded t-shirts but the website does sell them.

Given the niche customer segment, it seems that the platform is a good place to advertise products aimed at farmers and people working in agriculture.

The big players in the space are continually competing through high-end branding or claims of scientifically approved matching algorithms, simply focuses on a group of users who want long term relationships with people that have similar cultural norms and values.

We are seeing this model working especially well now within religious communities, people of a specific socioeconomic standard and geographical heritage.

I’ve tried several dating apps, quite disappointing.

Like any membership platform, the key metric for Only Farmers will be active paying users.

One of these niche dating sites that is starting to enter the mainstream is Farmers

Farmers Only was funded in 2005 as a dating website for farmers, ranchers, and people who live in rural areas.- Population in rural areas are sparse and the pool of viable life partners is small- Country living is a specific lifestyle choice that not everyone understands Essentially the problem is summed up in their tagline ‘City folks just don’t get it’.

We are ensuring that it doesn't happen again in the near future.

The startup industry goes through its own fashion cycles, ideas, and platforms that were in vogue a few years ago will not get a penny from investors today.

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