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She wasn't really being harsh, she was just being "Russian", calling it as she saw it. But when she saw him on video she didn't really like the way he looked.If you were in this situation, would you rather hear something like this after 5 minutes of FREE video, or after taking 10 days off work, traveling around the world, and spending 00-00? This guy's emotional frailty in being unable to handle rejection will have a HIGH price tag. I met a Russian woman online when she responded positively to an "Expression of Interest", and immediately she suggested that the best way to get to know each other better would be through Skype with a webcam. Then we proceded to have Skype video calls nearly every day over the next four months up till my visit to meet her in her city over the New Year holiday.Some of these can be take place in phone conversations, but the video adds a lot more.And when you can have more communication, you can get to know each other better, and by getting to know each other better, you can develop more of your relationship from a distance, before you start taking time off work and spending thousands of dollars on airfare and hotels.While ladies are curious about the reasons for such conduct, our advice for both men and women remains the same: If the person doesn’t make an effort to meet you on Skype or video chat with 2-3 weeks, this means that they either are not interested enough to make it happen, or they have something to hide.It is to your best advantage to chat on camera, as soon as you feel comfortable with the person, when you are dating online.Unless you have a seriously great international calling plan with your cell phone carrier or home phone company, chances are good you are paying at least 20-30 cents/minute for direct-dialed international calls to Russia/Ukraine. as opposed to "Skye-to-Skype") allows you to dial to a real phone number from Skype on your computer, and for international calls their rates are competitive with the best.

I've heard it said that 7% of all communication between humans is in the actual words, and the remainder is in things like context, tone of voice, posture, facial expression, pauses, and a hundred other things.

Vice versa, pay-per-letter/paid chat websites that require payment for each communication under the guise of “translations” try to prevent you from connecting directly.

With “video dates” on these sites priced to max, it’s not affordable to chat for hours on camera for the majority of their users.

So if you are in Russia meeting women and need to call home, as long as you have a high speed internet connection, you can call home practically free with Skype-Out. If you should be so fortunate as to find your special lady in Russia and bring her to the U. to marry her, video calling will GREATLY ease the transition for her and remove some of the culture shock by enabling her to maintain closer contact with her friends and family back home (without breaking your bank).

When you are dating Russian and Ukrainian women online, face-to-face conversations through free video communication applications such as Skype are absolutely necessary. Because without a way to chat to women for free, you cannot be confident who you are talking to, and whether the person is really interested in you.

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