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She was a little buzzed from the drinks and the guys starting teasing her about removing her bra so she would be more like the girls in the contest. Her nipples were sticking out like pegs and the shaped of her boobs was definitely displayed. Why don't you take it off." She just stared at them. Sabine was waiting for them to reach for her boobs but they didn't. " Sabine pulled them down further so the waistband was below the tuck of her ass, baring it all. She moved back to sit and the panties were barely covering her bush. Then she eased the panties down further in front, so a bit of her bush was visible. Naked with four older men who she really didn't know that well, had only met three weeks ago. Next Monday come and get me an hour earlier for work. She knew that they were going to keep them and she didn't care. The guys kept her naked for 40 minutes and drove her back to her apartment naked. Getting naked last Friday, letting us strip you bare ass today. " "Noooooo..." "OK, fine, I'll just feel these nice soft tits of yours, play with your hard nipples and finger fuck you then." Sabine moaned again and her hips started to buck. Sabine was naked, no protest, she had just let them strip her and now she was letting one of them feel and finger her. At the parking ramp, they made her get out naked before they let her have her slacks and blouse. But I was really scared, nervous." He smirked at her and left. "Don't go for lunch until I see you." "OK." As lunch time came Sabine got her nerve up and walked down to the guy's office. She walked into it, smiled at him and closed the door.

Finally she did, but didn't pull up the tshirt or take it off, she just pulled her arms in through the arm holes and slipped her bra off and pulled it out the bottom of the tshirt, thinking that she was pretty smart. The guy who had gone into the convience store showed her a bottle of water, a big bottle, smirked at her, opened it and poured some of it on her tshirt. She blushed and glared at the guy who had splashed her. But the guy with the water reached down and slowly undid the slacks and pulled the zipper down, folding the slacks away. Just the slacks and I am not having sex with any of you." The guy with the water moved over to her, grasped the waistband of the slacks and Sabine lifted her butt off the seat. " The guys laughed and the one with the water poured water over her butt and back. " Sabine began to rotate her wet ass, leaned her forehead against the window, reached back and slowly pulled the wet transparent panties down a bit, showing a good portion of her ass. She glanced around to each of them, then slowly opened her legs. I'll let you strip me again if you want." The guys took a lot of pictures of Sabine. Then they parked and had her get out of the van naked before they would give her the tshirt and slacks, no underwear. Want me to take my cock out and feed it to you Sabine? She dressed at the side of the van, nervous but excited. At the morning break one of them came to her work station. How would like it if I made a web site for you, for all the pictures of you bare ass, a video of you fucking? She sat on her chair thinking about what she had just done. She looked down, she was feeling a little embarrassed. She looked at him, just the two of them in the office. "Come over here." He pointed to the side of his desk. He took her wrist and pulled her closer and began unbuttoning her blouse. He reached out and undid her slacks and unzipped them.

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It wasn't all the way undone but enough to display herself to him.

After several drinks and after the contest they left. Her boobs, soaked and with very hard, erect nipples came into view. Sabine was thinking very hard and she knew that she might be making a big mistake, but she leaned back against the door and slowly moved her legs apart. Take some pictures of your creamed twat with your face in them. He pulled his finger out of her and lifted it to her face.

She was a naive girl, had not dated much, but wasn't a virgin due to a high school boyfriend.

She wasn't a hottie but was fairly good looking, nice full a bit better than B cup breasts, slim waist, rounded hips and butt.

She didn't have a car so the women in HR who had hired her set her up with a car pool group that went by the apartment she had found.

It was a 30 minute drive to work and back with the car pool, and the only issue with it was that she was the only woman.

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